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Northern Gannet Dance

Heike Odermatt(EN & RO): „Fotografia de natură este un loc de odihnă, un loc în care să respiri”

* The Romanian version is available at the end of the English interview version. Those people who are love what they do are people to follow. Heike Odermatt is one of those people and certainly more than that and this is shown in her art: nature & wildlife photography. The moments captured by a photographer are often a reflection of themselves. Who is Heike Odermatt, this woman behind the camera, and what drives her passion for nature and wildlife photography? H: Who am I? I’m a very realistic person who likes to tone down situations, a dreamer with a positive perspective on the future. I’m driven by my passion. I’m a woman who has been fascinated by the photographs of animals and nature since childhood. I enjoy myself while photographing in nature and I like to go out and explore by myself. At these moments I don’t need anyone to share these experiences with because I like to enjoy these moments in silence. My photos are often pictures that show calm and serenity, an interpretation of …